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Keyport High School Class of 77
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Sure hope the B'Day Bash went well.  Wish I
could have made it.  

Love to all, Denise Carney-Regan
Best of luck to you Kenny.  You deserve
it.  I want to hear all about it when you
return.  Have fun on the cruise as well.

Jaci O'Brien
I had such a great time last weekend at
Tracey's get together at the Bulkhead.  
Kenny best of luck in Nashville and
"Break a String" Bro.  Always nice to
see everyone!

Jamie Konieg
Congratulations Kenny on being signed!
Can't wait to hear your new CD.

All the best to you and yours,


Just touching base to break out of the
winter blues!  Went to see Wayne's
band at 7 Days......Good Times!  Nice
Crowd.  Also, to let you know....working
on a new music "project" (aka) band
called THE DOODZ.  Check us out!

Our Main site is:

Jamie Konieg
Congrats to Jaci O and welcome to the
Grandparent's Club!

God Bless you and your family and we
will add all of you to our prayers.

Micky Burke
Wishing my good friend, Laurie Gregory Bolich a Happy and
Healthy Birthday.  

Love ya lots Laur,

Shawn Gryner Carr
June 1, 2010
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