Through These Halls
Help Us Help our
Alma Mater

This is a SUPER EASY way to help the students at our ALMA Mater today!

It will only take a few minutes of your time.....

Do you have a favorite memory from your days at KHS? Share your favorite
memory in this new book..............
Through These Halls.  This book is a
collection of memories from people who attended KHS.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will be given to the
Keyport Friends of
the Arts
to support arts education programs in the Keyport Schools  Share a
favorite funny or inspirational memory, a story about a favorite teacher or best
friends, a class trip, a favorite class, a special sports or team memory, any
mischief you got into!

Photos:  Please also share any pictures you have from your School Days.........

The kids in Keyport Schools need our help now!  In a tough economy programs
in the schools will have to be cut without organizations like KFofA.  Please take a
minute and a share a memory to help them have great memories of school like
we do!  Thanks!

Just Click below to share you Favorite Memory!  
My Favorite
Keyport High
School Memory